Why do I travel?

Travelling is the biggest part of my life and I can’t imagine my days without planes, tickets, buses and so on. I’ve traveled since my childhood and don’t really understand people who never leave their city. 

My favorite moment is when you line the journey up: buy a guidebook, look for useful information about a country you go, book a hotel, buy tickets of course and pack your suitcase.

I adore long holidays when you live in a new country for a month or maybe for a year. During such trips you live with different people who have a different culture, you try unknown food, drinks and unbelievable fruits. You face problems, difficult situations and learn to solve them yourself.

A one year journey is really good, but to get away for a few days is amazing too. I’m fan of short trips to Europe, for example. That’s really interesting to stay at a hostel, make new friends, head for a bar together and feel this friendly atmosphere when people all over the world sit at one table and talk about everything.

When you travel you leave your comfort zone and the usual social circle, you learn to adapt to the culture of the country you visit, to the people you speak. Traveling broadens your horizons, forces you to think wider and make your personality more flexible.

All my journeys showed me that our world is full of kind people who are ready to help you at any moment, my travelling taught me to help people back, to be more open, kind, also showed that there is a solution of any problems in our life, there are so breathtaking and extraordinary places in our world and if you stay at home you will never see them.


Feel free, live more.

Thanks for reading my article.

Have a good day, Polina Chervova

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  1. Polina, I bag your pardon if I’m not mistaken you mean travelling TAUGHT me instead of «travelling thought me to «.
    Thanks for the article☺

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