People really like to complain about their country, boss, job, salary and so on. They think the boss is too demanding, the job is bad, the salary is not good enough, the country is poor, the relationship is awful and the main point is they think it’s not their fault.

Let’s think about our choice.

Everything we have today is the result of our yesterday choice. If your salary is too small it means you worked not good enough yesterday, if you don’t like your job it means that you didn’t find better one yesterday, if you quarrel with your girlfriend today it means that you picked the wrong person yesterday.

The most wonderful, important and life changing thing I got 3 years ago is every single day and in every single situation to take responsibility for everything that happens with you. Now when I have some troubles I think what I did it wrong before. And, guess what, my life become easier coz now I know everything depends on me.

So stop complaining and thinking that somebody owes you something, stop waiting for it and take responsibility for each and everyone of your actions.


Thanks for reading my article.

Good day, Polina Chervova

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