What do I like doing in my free time.

Now I have far more free time than 2-3 years ago. Before I always wanted to do a lot of interesting things but I never had time for it, so I’ve changed it.

I enjoy reading. I love the moments when you are taken away by a thrilling plot and thoughts of the main character becomes familiar to you, when you think about the book you read, when you look forward to get to know what will happen at the end of the book.

When I read my knowledge increases, I get inspiration and words form new stories and articles in my mind. When I read the time stops, I forget about everything and can spend several hours straight in such way. My favorite moment is when you wake up at the weekend and don’t have any need to get up immediately, so you pull your book away from under the pillow and start this day from reading it.

Also I’m into English. I really love this language and enjoy reading in English, writing, thinking and most of all speaking in English. I’m entirely convinced this language is really simple and the main point when you try learning it is to get the structure. It sounds quite strange, I know, but till you stop to be afraid of this language and try to get it yourself, you won’t start speaking English. Everything you need is a good teacher and a lot of practice. Next year I want to open an online language school with professional and extraordinary teachers who will help people study languages easy, funny and quickly.

My next passion is writing. When I write I express my thoughts in words, I share my experiences and understanding with people who read me. When I write in Russian or in English I feel the language I write in, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s an unbelievable feeling when you can put everything you have in your mind in words. Sometimes I have so many things to write and I am overwhelmed with words, my fingers type with breakneck speed and I’m really afraid to lose the line. So, when I finish and post my article I sense satisfaction and the most pleasant moment is when my followers tell me that my articles impress and inspire them. I want to write a book and I think I will do it this winter.

I’m fond of recoding videos for my YouTube channel as well. I make videos about my travelling, interesting and funny moments and about English. I love it because it helps me to be more open and break my complexes. By these videos I can notice how I’ve changed and become more confident during last half year.

I’m passionate about travelling. It is the biggest part of my life and I can’t imagine my days without planes, tickets, buses and so on. I’ve traveled since my childhood and don’t really understand people who never leave their city. My favorite moment is when you line the journey up: buy a guidebook, look for useful information about a country you go, book a hotel, buy tickets of course and pack your suitcase.

When the weather is good I really enjoy walking around my city or the city I visit at the moment. For me it’s so interesting to walk, look around, look at the beautiful buildings in the city center, think about something, drink coffee and don’t be in hurry. At such moments I always get inspiration, I find the answers for many questions I couldn’t reply before, I calm down and refresh my thoughts.

So I’m afraid this list of my favorite things isn’t complete, but I wrote so many words and I think it’s time to sum it up. At the end of the article I want to say that there are so many interesting and

wonderful hobbies and things you can spend time for in our life, so don’t spend your time watching TV, but develop your personality.

Thanks for reading my article.

Good day, Polina Chervova

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