No regrets

Russian people say: It’s better to do and regret than dont do and regret. And I always follow this rule.

About 5 years ago I was scared to do some crazy things, but then I got that our life is short and if you really want something — do it. You would never get to know if this job good or not, if this country interesting or not, if this relationship worth or not if you do nothing.

Lots of people like to think about taking a new step or a daring act, they all the time talk about it, think it over, dream and wonder how it would be, but I really can’t understand them becouse never accept inactivity.

Most of the time I didnt regret about my brave and sometimes stange acts, because anyway it’s better to understand that this job isn’t yours, country isn’t interesting or relationship isn’t for you than sit without doing anything.

Let’s think about our time, it’s priceless. So, compare, how long will you think and be afraid of new step and how long will you really do it?

A year and a half ago I didn’t do one thing: I promised to someone to come but I didn’t. This person really waited for me, but I couldn’t do it coz everything was against this trip, but for a long time I thought if it was my mistake? When time came I went to that person and understand I had a wonderful picture in my mind and this picture doesnt fit reality.

So, I save my time, I don’t regret anymore and this is a good result.

Thanks for reading my article.
Polina Chervova

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