Thailand. What does this country mean for me?

•  This country and life there is so much more different and unbelievable, so sometimes I think it was a dream and it never happened with me.

•  It’s a country of smiling and kind people, who always ready to help you. And when you live with them for a long time you notice you change too and become more open, kind and polite.

•  It’s a country of poor people, who live in small houses, but they don’t care about it. They are not envious, instead they are so simple and can find wonderful things in everyday life.

•  It’s a country where people and animals exist together so closely and really harmoniously and they respect each other.

•  It’s a country where nature is near to you and it surrounds you when you open your window, go to the store, see your friends or lie on the beach.

•  It’s a country where you feel sea smell riding your bike or just waking up and it’s so wonderful to notice how your lungs are filled with it.

•  It’s a country where you can go to the beach at any time of the day: in the day time for swimming and catching some rays, in the dark time for meeting your friends or for being alone and listening to the waves.

•  It’s a country where you can meet so different and interesting people, who think and live in a different way and it’s really amusing to get to know their thoughts and experience.

•  It’s a country of breathtaking views, desert beaches, juicy coconuts, big elephants, unforgettable sunsets and the happiest moments.


Thanks for reading my articles.
Have a good day, your Polina Chervova


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