What is the difference between my Russian life and Thai one.

In this article I will not tell that Russia is better than Thailand or vice versa I just want to compare the first and the second one.

There are my family and friends in Russia and that’s the most important fact which will return me from every journey. Also SPb is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with rich cultural heritage and history and it will inspire me till the rest of my life. There is a place I call home sweet home where I can come back to and to be protected, there is my parents home where I grew up and where I am always a welcome person. I really love Russia, I am in love with my city, I am sure SPb is the city of opportunities and you can achieve at any goals there. 

But, quite often I leave this place for other ones and not because I’m getting sick of Russia but just because I love this way. And Thai is a really good place to stay for winter and to keep far from the cold, to change the scenery and to get some fun. Lots of people think I just head for the beach all the days and do nothing here and not only me but everyone on the island. That’s wrong. There are so many interesting and unusual people who have quit the office not for downshifting but in order to follow their dreams and create their own project which is the meaning of the life. These people are brave, special, full of unbelievable ideas and energy and when you are close to them you charge with all of it. 

When I do all these movements I feel I am in the stream, I am not stagnante and I all the time do something. New people and places inspire me to set up new goals and get them, not to bond to unnecessary stuff, to be open for new things, appreciate moments and understand I don’t really know what will happen with me today.

Don’t stop traveling, don’t stop wondering.

Thanks for reading my article.
Have a good day, Polina Chervova

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